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Top 5 Best Hotels In Vegas For Couples (2023)

Introduction: Best Hotels In Vegas For Couples.

Hey, you guys! Today I’m going to be bringing you to my article about the top 5 best hotels in Vegas for couples.
These hotels aren’t necessarily going to be the cheapest on the strip, but rather the ones that I think have amazing value for the Couples.
The first hotel we’re going to talk about is going to be here at the Luxor.

01: Luxor (best hotels in Vegas for couples)

Best Hotels in Vegas for Couples


Luxor is a really great value property with some seriously affordable room rates.
When I’m looking at price comparisons for all of these hotels today, just know that I am including resort fees and taxes.
I picked a random week in April, and I found the Luxor mid-April to be anywhere between $82 total to up to maybe a hundred dollars.

It’s rare for Luxor to even reach a hundred dollars, and that is such a good price per night.
If you’re on a tight budget plan, then this is a great option. The rooms here are very clean; they have been recently redone and renovated.

Now, I will say I have stayed in both the pyramid and the tower. The tower rooms are gonna be maybe ten dollars more a night, and I totally think it’s worth it.
There are two different types of tower rooms: there is the standard and the elite.

They’re about the same size; the main difference is the elite rooms will have a wet bar, a closet, and a mini-fridge.

You do have a better bathroom in these rooms, but the access is really important.
If you stay in the pyramid-like we did and you’re in the middle of the hall, it is an incredibly far walk from the elevators.

So, I do recommend the tower over the pyramid, but both rooms are really nice for the price.
The pool at Luxor is fabulous; it’s really large, and there are a lot of chairs everywhere.
They have hot tubs; this is absolutely a good hotel if you’re coming for a pool vacation. You will not regret the pool area; it’s great.

The casino here is nice; it’s really nicely laid out, it’s reasonably sized, but it’s not huge.
You’re not gonna like bump into a lot of people; it’s not crazy crowded or anything, but it’s just a nice solid layout, and you are close to a lot of other casinos which we’ll talk about in a second.

Dining: you do have some decent options here. I don’t recommend the buffet at Luxor, but they have Public House and Diablo’s Cantina, which are both really decent.
And both of those have my Vegas rewards where you can get a good discount on your meals.

You’re also connected to Excalibur, and you’re connected to Mandalay Bay inside by a walkway, but you can also take the tram.
If you’re trying to get more toward the center strip, I would jump on the tram and have it take you over to the Excalibur entrance, and then you’re right next to New York, New York.

My favorite thing about the Luxor is the lobby; it is so pretty and it feels like Vegas when you walk in. It really sets the tone for your vacation when you come into the Luxor lobby.


Now, I’m going to give you guys a con for each of the hotels, and for Luxor, it is going to be the location.
You are gonna be away from the action, and there’s not really any foot traffic out front.

Overall, this is going to be my recommendation for you if you are on a really tight budget and you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road option.
This is a good one; I think you will like Luxor.

The Luxor Hotel stands as one of the best hotels in Vegas for couples, offering an unforgettable and enchanting experience amidst the glitz and glamour of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

With its distinct pyramid structure, the Luxor Hotel sets a romantic ambiance, perfect for couples seeking a memorable and intimate getaway.

02: Planet Hollywood

planet hollywood las vegas

Next on our list (Top 5 best hotels in Vegas for couples) wins the absolute best location for your budget award; that is here at Planet Hollywood, right in the center of the action with great proximity to some cheap eats.
Planet Hollywood absolutely kills it with their location, and I’m actually surprised that you can get these rooms for as affordable as you can.

I saw rates as low as $98 to $145 altogether; that’s sort of the average right in between $100 to $150, which, for being a center strip, is fantastic.
I like the rooms here; they’re really nice. When we stayed, our room was very high quality for what we were paying.

We had a big tub, the bathroom was huge, they have fridges here, and you can upgrade really easily at Planet Hollywood.
This is one where I’ve heard you guys tell me you use the $20 trick, and it worked like a charm a lot.
We used the $20 trick here and got a really nice upgrade into a suite, so that is definitely worth a try.

Dining here is so convenient; now, there are restaurants inside Planet Hollywood itself. They have Gordon Ramsay’s Burger here.
You are connected to the Miracle Mile; Blondies, La Salsa, and Ocean One, all of those were on my cheap breakfast list because you can get like $6 breakfasts.

If you want to be able to eat cheap on your vacation, you are in a perfect spot.
You are also right next door to a CVS if you need to pop in and grab water, drinks, and snacks, you’re gonna get them without overpaying; it’s fantastic.

I love the casino here; I think it’s really fun, high ceilings, it’s got a good vibe.
They have a pretty good variety of games here as well, and it’s always busy and lively because of the location.

So, the only con to Planet Hollywood is definitely going to be the pool area.
The layout is very weird; if you want a chair by the pool, you have to pay; otherwise, the free chairs are all really far away from the pools, and you have to leave your stuff there, which I do not like.
That is my only drawback; Planet Hollywood is a wonderful budget hotel option strictly because it is honestly the perfect location.
I cannot believe that they can give you rooms as cheap as they do here at Planet Hollywood.


Planet Hollywood Hotel unquestionably ranks among the best hotels in Vegas for couples, providing an exciting and memorable experience on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

With its contemporary and alluring ambiance, the hotel offers the perfect setting for a romantic escape, tailored to couples looking to create cherished moments together.

From elegantly designed rooms to a diverse selection of dining options, Planet Hollywood caters to couples with its romantic amenities and personalized services.

Couples can savor intimate dinners, attend top-tier shows, and immerse themselves in the lively nightlife, all within reach of their upscale accommodations.

03: Linq Hotel

linq hotel las vegas

Next on our list (Top 5 best hotels in Vegas for couples) is great for the young party crowd; we’re talking about the Linq Hotel and Casino. Great rates with a lot of fun.

Now, when we’re talking about the Linq on this list, know that this is the next cheapest from Luxor.
We’re talking rooms as low as $83 to $150 a night.

The rooms are excellent; they design these really well, super modern, really clean floor plan with a lot of places to put storage.
The bathrooms are super nice. This is also another property that’s easy to get an upgrade, and the suites here are really nice as well.

The pool area is a party; this is basically a day club. It is 21 and up only, and it is loud and wild, so that is one thing to know.
If you’re coming to relax, you don’t want to stay at the Linq; it’s not relaxing; it’s like wild all the time.

The casino is super lively here as well; it’s a little oddly laid out; there are kinds of games all over the place, but the table games are always super loud and crazy and fun.
They have the O’Shea’s Casino in here.

Dining is pretty good here at Linq; they’ve definitely kept in mind that they have a younger crowd.
Hash House is going to give you huge breakfasts, and they’re for a really reasonable price, and they also have Guy Fieri’s restaurant in here.
But you have all of the dining of the Linq Promenade next to you as well.

There are some cons here, as I said; this is the party hotel, so if that is not what you want, you’re definitely going to want to avoid this one; it’s rowdy.
The other major con is the elevator banks here; wow, do they get crowded? If you’re reading this article and you’re in your 20s, and you’re like, “We’re going to party Vegas, can’t handle us,” like go to the Linq, you’re gonna love it.

Honorable mention here: if Linq‘s location sounds really good to you, and you don’t want to party that hard, take a look at Harrah’s.
It’s kind of like the older people option to the Linq; it’s a lot less loud, a little bit of an older crowd, but nice rooms and decent dining, and again, a good location.

The pool here sucks really bad, just know that, but Harrah’s is not a bad option for your money as well if you want something like the Linq but a little bit less crazy.
That’s how our list may surprise you. You may not think that this one is budget-friendly, but we are talking about Resorts World, specifically the Hilton Tower; this is luxury on a budget.


the Linq Hotel stands as one of the best hotels in Vegas for couples, providing an unforgettable and enchanting experience amidst the excitement of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

With its contemporary and lively ambiance, the hotel sets the perfect stage for a romantic retreat, tailored to couples looking to create lasting memories together.

04: Resorts World

resorts world hotel las vegas

The Resorts World is definitely the most high-end feeling hotel on this list (Top 5 best hotels in Vegas for couples); we’re specifically talking about the Hilton Tower rooms here.
I have seen them as low as $129 to about $185 dollars; that is such a good price point for these rooms, which feel very luxurious.

They feel super high-end with the blues and the gold fixtures.
The toiletries here are top-notch, and you have a mini-fridge included in the room; it’s fancy. It feels swanky for $130 bucks a night; that’s crazy.

Resorts World has one of my all-time favorite pool areas. I love it; it’s a bunch of smaller pools.
Each one kind of has its own vibe, very relaxing. The VIP pool area with that drop-off, like the hanging pool area, is so cool.
So if you are looking for a pool vacation, absolutely Resorts World would be a fantastic option; you would love it.

I like the casino at Resorts World a lot; I think the Players Club here is good. If you are planning to do Vegas a lot and you use the Genting rewards, you get comps.
We gamble here relatively frequently; we get comp offers all the time to stay, and I love the selection.
They have a lot of games here that I don’t see everywhere else. So if you’re here to play slots as I do, think Resorts World has some good options.

Dining at Resorts World is out of this world awesome. They have this whole food hall that has a bunch of different Asian cuisines. They have the restaurant Row in the back.
I mean, they have Fuhu, which is delicious, Carver Steak is delicious; they have Crossroads Kitchen, which is a plant-based restaurant.
They have got so many options and things to try here; you could stay here for several nights and not eat at every restaurant.

There is A day club, there’s a nightclub, and several high-end lounges and bars to hang out in.
If you’re doing like a quick weekend in Vegas, and maybe you’ve been to Vegas before and you’re just trying to find a fun hotel, Resorts World would totally have you covered.
You would not have to leave.

We have to talk about the con here, and that is definitely going to be the location.
It’s not one where you can just walk outside and go pop into more hotels; that is definitely the drawback here.
And I would say it’s the only drawback, especially if you can get a cheap rate.
Resorts World feels super high-end for its price, and I definitely think it’s worth a try for your money.

I want to give a quick honorable mention here if you are looking at North Strip.
Even farther up is Sahara; now, this one’s getting an honorable mention because I don’t think it’s worth it for everybody.
However, they often run a promotion where you don’t pay a resort fee, and you can get the rooms here for crazy cheap.
This whole property has recently been redone, and it looks really beautiful on the inside.

All of the dining is good; they just did their 21 and up day club area, and it’s really pretty.
It’s a small footprint; if you’re someone who doesn’t want to be around a big crowd and doesn’t want a huge mega-resort, Sahara could be a good option for you, so maybe consider that one.


Resorts World Hotel stands out as one of the best hotels in Vegas for couples, offering an extraordinary and romantic experience on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

With its modern and luxurious ambiance, the hotel creates the perfect setting for a memorable and intimate getaway for couples.

05: Hotel New York, New York

park mgm restaurants

The next hotel on our list is New York, New York. Ever since they started renovating their rooms, this has become my number-one pick for first-timers.

So, from the list of the Top 5 best hotels in Vegas for couples, The “New York-New York” is going to be the last hotel we are talking about.
This one, I think, might be my new top recommendation for someone who’s a first-timer coming to Vegas, and I wasn’t even going to put New York, New York, on the list, but they have just re-renovated their rooms.

Now, room costs here anywhere between $98 to $150 all in.
These newly renovated rooms look great; I don’t love that they didn’t do a lot to the bathrooms, but despite that, the rest of the rooms look so nice and modern and fresh.

The pool area here is fun; it’s not anything crazy, but it is a good pool.
There are tons of chairs; I never have a problem finding a chair in the sun, which I appreciate, and people are here having a great time; the vibe is good in this pool area.

New York, New York, has one of my absolute favorite casinos. I love gambling here; one of my favorite high-limit rooms is also here.

Dining here: they kill it as well. You have the Streets of New York, which has a bunch of different cheap eats options.
You can grab the pizza and beer combo; it’s top-notch.

They’ve also got some good sit-down restaurants here. The Mexican restaurant Gonzalez Gonzalez is in here, that’s good; they have Nine Fine Irishmen; you can get a myVegas coupon for here.
The portions are huge and super shareable, and they have happy hour deals that go on over here.

You can do Beer House, which is outside in the shop area. They’re killing it in New York, New York, as far as food options; you are not going to run out of places to eat, and most of it’s going to be really reasonably priced.

The location is good here; this is South Strip. To me, it is like the central hub of South Strip Like New York.
New York is always happening; you guys, the front of New York, New York is always busy.

So what are the cons here? Well, like I said, the bathrooms could have used a better renovation in my opinion, and just know that this one can draw families.
So if you’re not wanting to be around little kids, like especially in the pool area, there can definitely be kids; that is something to be aware of for some of you.

Otherwise, though, this is a pretty solid option for most people. If people are like, “I’ve never been to Vegas, I want something somewhat affordable and decent,”
New York, New York is a pretty big crowd-pleaser in my opinion, and that’s why it’s always so busy and so lively; people really like it.

I’m gonna give an honorable mention here to Park MGM, which almost made this list, but it is a little bit more expensive than New York, New York.
I love Park MGM because it’s non-smoking, so the air quality here is awesome. The rooms feel really high-end; they’re nicely done, and the bathroom rocks.

This has the best shower pressure of any of them on this list, but the rooms are a little bit small.
Park MGM feels really high-end for its price point; it’s also a good option, so I wanted to mention it here for you guys.

Top 5 Best Hotels in Vegas for Couples

Conclusion of the top 5 best Hotels in Vegas for Couples

Hotel New York, New York, is undeniably one of the best hotels in Vegas for couples, offering a unique and romantic experience on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

With its distinctive New York City-inspired theme, the hotel provides an exciting backdrop for a memorable and intimate getaway for couples.

So, that is my list of the Top 5 Best Hotels in Vegas for Couples. I have full reviews on every single one of these properties that you can go and check out if you are interested in learning more about one.

Thank you so much for reading this article to know about the Top 5 Best Hotels in Vegas for Couples; I will catch you guys all in my next one.

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FAQS: About The Top 5 Best Hotels in Vegas For Couples

01. Is it fun to go to Vegas as a couple?

  • Yes, going to Vegas as a couple can be an incredibly fun and exciting experience! Las Vegas offers a diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to all kinds of couples, making it an ideal destination for a romantic getaway.

02. Is it better to book directly with Hotel Vegas?

  • Booking directly with a hotel in Vegas can have its advantages. When you book directly with the hotel, you may have access to exclusive deals, promotions, and loyalty programs that are not available through third-party booking sites.

03. Is $500 enough to go to Vegas with?

  • The answer to whether $500 is enough to go to Vegas depends on your travel preferences, the duration of your stay, and the activities you plan to engage in. Las Vegas can be enjoyed on various budget levels.

04. How much should a couple take to Vegas?

  • For a moderate budget, a couple might aim to bring around $150 to $300 per day for accommodation, meals, and entertainment. This estimate could vary based on the type of accommodation chosen, dining preferences, and planned activities like shows, shopping, or gambling.

05. How much should I pay for Vegas hotel?

  • For budget-conscious travelers, you can find more affordable options starting around $50 to $100 per night for a standard room in off-peak seasons. On the other hand, during peak times or at high-end resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, prices can exceed $200 to $500 or more per night.
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